Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dear Bernina

Hey y'all! Hope you had a lovely weekend! I have *one* day off before its back to work for me. Sad. I was just getting to some fun stuff! :-) I did finish my 70 t-shirts ... I am dragging the 31 pound box to the post office in the morning. Praise the Lord to be finished with those! :-) Which brings me to my letter to my Bernina (my sewing machine) ...

Dear Bernina,
You've been such a hard worker over the past couple of years. We spend most of our time together working on work and today we worked for fun. It was good. We should quilt and create for fun more often ... see you tomorrow! :-)

Ok ... so I think I just showed y'all my corny side. But I see the thing is, I recently decided to call it quits on my t-shirt business to make time for other (and more important) things. And while it was a really tough decision, I finally got over my anxiety about it and am excited. Excited to have time to sew and work on things for fun. For others. For the most important people to me. In all likelihood, I will be back in a slightly different business pretty soon - but this time with my mom. Unfortunately, she now has a lot more time on her hands, but hopefully this will be an opportunity instead of a negative thing. More on that new business later once I know more details and get some plans worked out. :-)

After putting in some long hours on those shirts, I made a couple of fun things today ... This is my first attempt at a tag quilt thing. Y'all mommas know what this is. :-) Sorry for the blurry photo. I will try to get a better one. I got this awesome panel the other day and thought it would be great for one of these. Of course, I have a serious amount of ribbon laying around so I picked some different grosgrains that went along with the color scheme. The back is a tone-on-tone lime green. I have 3 more panels ... thinking of making a few more to maybe throw up in the Etsy shop.

Next up is a peek at a quilt top I made today. I am *almost* finished with the top. I need about 30 more minutes with it. I am loving it so far. It's going to be a baby/kid quilt, but I am not sure if I will be ready to sell or give this one away (more likely sell since all my friends are having boys!) any time soon. May just want to look at it for awhile! I really need to stop hoarding my fabric! It's more fun to use it. :-) Glad that I will *hopefully* be sewing more for fun in the coming months!

Thanks for stopping by! Don't forget to comment for my blog candy (see previous post) ... ends tomorrow! :-)


  1. Cute quilts, Chrissy! Love the colors in the girly one. Good luck on the new endeavor....

  2. Very pretty quilts--love the rocket one. Sounds like you'v got a lot going on. Good luck with your new business!

  3. That's a neat taggie. I have a friend who would love that -- her nursery is all rocket ships!