Thursday, April 17, 2008

TGIF ... Almost!

Hello again. So, I wish it was Friday. I think my students wish the week was over too ... during "good things" in class just about none of them had anything to throw out there ... I had to remind them that "tomorrow is Friday!" was definitely a good thing for today. I guess we're ALL ready for the summer to get here! haha

So, I should have been doing A LOT of things when I got home from school today, but I have been feeling pretty restless (or lazy) ... basically not wanting to do what should be priorities (i.e. clean the house, go to the grocery store, laundry, etc.) ... and after seeing Mish's post today with the oh-so-cute stationery it was all over! Stamping would be first when I got home. Here's what I came up with. What do you think?
I can't wait to make more of them! I love Amy Butler's fabrics, so this paper pack I picked up at Michaels was the perfect fit. Well, I *have* to clean the house now ... Emily is staying over this weekend and right now the guest room is a disaster (aka cmh Designs storage room)! Later!

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