Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Crazy for Hexagons

I must be crazy ...

The other night while going through some new entries in my Google Reader (which, by the way, if you read blogs and are not using Google Reader, you're probably driving yourself nuts checking them all ... go sign up!) ... I came upon a hexagon project. And that led me to here, to and some great tutorials.

So, I got to cutting scraps and made a few ... we'll see if this hand piecing lasts longer than a few weeks! :-) But I do love how scrappy this might turn out.
Oh yeah ... this will be a little quilt ... not a "go big or go home" type of project. LOL I will keep you updated! :-)

1 comment:

  1. hey girl! my mother-in-law did a hexagon quilt last year - here's hers.