Thursday, July 29, 2010

Everything I love and something new ...

Hey y'all! I don't know about you, but this week has definitely gotten away from me. Geez. And only about 2-1/2 weeks left of freedom before its back to work. But, I am hoping to make some good use of that time ... and today I did something just for fun! (I should try that concept out more often! lol)

I joined a virtual quilting bee the other day and offered to host first - in August. This will be my first bee, but I am stoked. In thinking about what pattern to ask my fellow quilters to use, I wanted to do something I hadn't before ... enter the Spiderweb block. I love the look of these and decided it was just the thing ... but wanted to try a tutorial first before I went asking others to do it too! So, I tried out this awesome tutorial and here's the result ... my first spidey block!This block has a few small errors in that some seams didn't align quite right, but pretty darn good for my first attempt at a new block. And this block has everything I love ... black & whites, dots, more dots, pinks and greens, and a few snipets of some past quilt projects mixed in as well as a the last smidgens of some fabrics that I had shoved in my scrap basket. It was fun to think about the folks I have made quilts for as I put this together and remembered the projects I used the various fabrics for.

Here's a few in-progress shots for you ... the back of the block pieces prior to trimming them down. I was as stingy as I could be with my scrap strips without being too close to call.
Here's the front of them too ... see that little piece of black & white stripe and the Java Blue on those corners ... yeah, that's it for those fabrics! Gone with a capital G.
And ... drumroll please ... the fabric I plan to cut up and send to my bee buddies. Let me say, I know its going to turn out amazing. But I am sort of terrified ... I saw this fabric online before it was available and HAD to have it. And when it came out, I promptly got all these fat quarters ... in the summer of 2009. They've been staring at me from the shelf across from my machine ever since ....
I think its finally time to put them to good use! :-) Be gentle fellow quilters ... I {heart} these :-)

That's all I've got for now ... busy preparing for a bridal shower this weekend and some other projects. See y'all soon!

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  1. WOW I can;t believe this is your first attempt! I can't wait to have a go at this. Gorgeous fabrics too :-)

  2. I would have to say attempting my first paper piecing for someone else really scares me! I might have to get on the ball and do some before that pretty fabric comes my way!

  3. Beautiful work! Can't wait to work on this for you :)