Friday, July 2, 2010

Zoology Baby Quilt

Hello there and happy Friday! This time last week I was deciding to whip out a quilt before lunch with a friend (and new mom!) on Saturday. Anyone else out there procrastinate? I can procrastinate with the best of them. In fact, if I don't have a deadline its hard for me to get things done.

Anywho ... I hemmed and hawed and finally decided to go for it about 3:30 in the afternoon. I cut fabric for three of these and finished an entire one - handstitched binding and all - by about 10:00 PM. Here it is ...
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this fabric. Its stinkin' cute. And boy appropriate. Its about 32" x 34". The color is a little better in the photo below ...
I am SO glad I took a chance on that striped binding. I really love how it turned out and am so glad I can cut and press a fold straight or that would have been a BIG disaster. LOL

This photo shows the binding and backing. I used that same focal print on the back and did an all-over stippling to quilt it up. I don't pre-wash anything so when I wash it and everything shrinks a bit it has the best bubbly texture.
Finally, I also made a little burp cloth to match using some leftovers. Note: pre-wash the cloth diapers first next time. (They shrink ALOT more than the fabric.) Despite being a little imperfect in the end, I figured it was still cute enough to get spit up on.
Well there you have it! :-) Hope to make a few more of these to put up in my Etsy shop in the next couple of weeks! I will keep you posted on that!

Thanks for stopping by! :-)


  1. Chrissy, you crack me up! Cute enough to get spit up on! I LOVE these! That fabric is amazing and the striped binding REALLY sets it off. Def. a metro baby gift--very sophisticated--baby boutique worthy.

  2. This is adorable! You are multi talented lady! I got your card in the mail today and I just wanted to say Thank-you, that was really sweet!!

  3. Wow, these are great! I love the striped binding; it's perfect. I think the burp cloth may be too pretty for a baby to spit up on....

  4. This is just gorgeous. WOW!!! Sweet.